About us

CabanasBCN has been delivering high-quality accessories in the Spanish market for over 30 years. The company began because we wanted to provide top-grade scarves to accessories and fashion shops. We wanted to provide convenience to our consumers and went to where we knew they would be: perfume stores and fashion-accessory stores. We began there and soon the business grew to incorporate selling other high-quality accessories.

After 25 years of learning from the great accessory brands in history, studying the market of scarves, and trying it out for ourselves we wanted to brand scarves in a more personable way. Our passion, hard work, and commitment had made of us a well-regarded company to work with. We solidified the highest quality manufacturers in Europe who was more than overjoyed to work with us to deliver the best accessories to our market. Currently, 90% of our scarves are made from the finest manufacturers in Europe.

Introducing a company that focuses on highlighting the natural beauty of a woman through different accessory items that lets her know it’s not only better to “stand out” but it’s valued. That each of us are unique in our own way, and you are at our best when we are in line with who we really are.

Therefore, we started putting an emphasis on offering smaller collections to promote a sense of exclusivity within our scarves. To feel empowered. To feel different.

To feel the joy of knowing that when you wear one of our scarves, you are one of the few to do so. Our goal is to market in a way that puts the attention not only on the item, but on the person.

In 2012, we did just that. Focusing on our brand’s mission and overall sentiment, we created our tagline “your inner self” to keep close to our hearts why we initially began our company. We are always working with this in mind so our clients can feel valued, special, and unique.

Thanks to all our costumers and suppliers to make our way a wonderful adventure!